In today's frenetic and complex world, a clear financial plan is essential. Finding the time to think about your future goals can be challenging especially whilst trying to run your own business, but if you don't think about it now, you could be missing out.

In conjunction with Close Brothers Asset Management, we are proud to launch a programme of award-winning financial education seminars and webinars, tailored to the individual needs of our members, providing you with access to specialist financial planners who will help guide you on a range of important areas including;

  • Tax planning - hints & tips
  • Improving your financial wellbeing
  • Planning your financial future in retirement
  • Lifetime savings & pension planning
  • Managing annual and lifetime pension tax allowances
  • Wills & estate planning

To find out more or to reserve a place, please visit the Money Talks website which includes guidance on a wide range of financial planning topics including a series of engaging, interactive and easy-to-use tools, guides, case studies and modellers, exploring every aspect of financial wellbeing, from tax planning and budgeting through to top tips on how to make the most of your pension and lifetime savings.

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