Whether your priority is finding a leading specialist or hospital, or being in close proximity to your family, or place of work private health insurance exists to ensure you prompt access to diagnosis and treatment.  

IPSE introduces AXA PPP healthcare to provide access to affordable private medical insurance. 

With a Personal Health plan from us at AXA PPP healthcare, you can benefit from: 

  • Fast track appointments – Once your GP has advised that you need to see a specialist for further consultation, we help you in finding the right one, at a time and place to suit you. 
  • Second opinions – If you need reassurances about a diagnosis or treatment plan, you can be seen by another GP (providing you add an out-patient option to your coverage). 
  • Telephone helpline – a 24/7 telephone information service with access to medical professionals who are ready to impart expert information - from a specific health concern, medication and treatment to general guidance or reassurance.  
  • Resources - Access to an online health and wellbeing database containing a range of affordable fitness and lifestyle informational resources. 

And on top of all that IPSE members can receive an introductory offer of two months free healthcare cover and 50% off a years PureGym membership * 

*Price based on 50% off Pure Gym’s non promotional monthly price x12 including any relevant joining fee


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